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This is an ugly HMD that will be made pretty later. With fonts and candies and bells and whistles and EVERYTHING.

But uh. Yeah tell me what's up with my characterization and plots and stuff! IP logging off, anon enabled. <3

OOC; Character Survey of Doom

You know. Every so often I have to stop and think about the canon this kid's pulled from. And the sheer levels of Messed Up never really cease to amaze me. I hope Yoko Matsushita found a therapist after she quit writing new bits.

In which I ramble far too much about a fictional character with an incomplete canonCollapse )

o23. [Action]

[Hisoka hates sweets. He hates them a lot. Empty calories in general tend to rub him the wrong way, which made it extra surprising when he found that weird little note lying around:]

• Your sudden sweet tooth is probably a sign of impending doom
• your next Career: Horoscope Writer
• Baked goods are in abundance.
• Things are about to get interesting, but not for you.

[Weirder still were the impulses that followed. Before Hisoka knew it, he was settled in a velvet tent strategically positioned just outside the bakery. He's dressed himself in flowing, middle-eastern clothes despite the chill in the air, seemingly unbothered by the lingering snow on the ground as he sets up a sign on an easel outside.]

Palm Readings
Real Psychic Predictions
Chocolate Tips Welcome

((OOC: As the ad says, Hisoka's got ridiculous godmoddy empathy. Generally, I play this as "he can read your action tags", but it's also canon that he can see things like "your boyfriend is cheating on you. You should leave him" and stuff. Essentially, if you're looking for a plot device to kickstart a domestic plot, I offer this character for your needs. Or maybe you'd just like to give him some chocolate cake. He'll take that too.))

o22. [Action / Written]

[Some things have been happening lately. There was a bit of a fight, which didn't go well. And then there was the slightly comatose state in which he's spent the the majority of the month, after having his empathy abused to its breaking point.

It's been a transcendental journey for him, spent existing everywhere and nowhere all at once. He's only just started to remember that he's ever had a physical form at all, that there are boundaries, and eyes.. Ears and fingers. ..Ugh. Bodies are big stupid lumbering things. How the hell does anyone manage to make one move properly?]

[In time, at length, Hisoka will begin scrawling slow letters in mismatched sizes over the journal in an attempt to communicate.]

AT LeaSt 1 OF yOu mUst hAVE TraIning IN pHsIcAL ThErApY.

o21. [Written]

[There's a circus or something that's been raging outside for days now. Whatever. None of that means much of anything at the moment, because the fair's secondary to the quiet crisis Hisoka's been having for the last four days or so. It's bad enough that he'll turn to the journal about it.]

Say you had an acquaintance that you haven't seen in a while. Without having access to the apartment, is there any other way to know for sure that someone's been sent home?

o20. [Action]

[It's been three days since Tsuzuki returned from his Mallynapping, and there's been little progress. He's been slow, morose, and mute. It's a little heartbreaking, not that Hisoka will admit to having a heart in the first place.

In an attempt to bring him out of his funk, Hisoka has decided to drag his partnerface out to the ocean for some quality time on the beach. Even though the sun's too hot, the air's too humid, the wind's too brisk, and the sand is too grainy. And did he mention the sun? Because the heat is ridiculous today.

So if you're out by the coastline today, feel free to bother the overdressed boy reading under a beach umbrella and hiding from the sun. It's too hot for him to argue about it much today.]

[OOC: OH I almost forgot to note that Tsuzuki might be around to threadjack, as Hisoka has been acting as his interpreter while he's all mute-y.]

o19. [Written]

[Ten days after waking in the middle of the night with the feeling that the world was wrong somehow, Hisoka started awake with a sudden and profound awareness that whatever had gone wrong before had gone wrong all over again -- only in reverse. That, for the duration of a Malnosso experiment, he'd had a family, had love and warmth and people who accepted him. He'd had experiences, a life, the sort he'd always wanted but never allowed himself to hope for, and it was all retreating into a veil of forgotten almost-memory. Before struggling out of bed, he rushes for his journal, scribbling out several notes before he forgets everything.]

Filtered to GeldaCollapse )

Filtered to BowserCollapse )

Filtered to Jay, Chopper, Presea, Cam, and AlexisCollapse )

Filtered to JoshuaCollapse )

Filtered to DracoCollapse )

Filtered to MurakiCollapse )

[With messages scribbled, he'll be off to relocate himself back to House 49 and stress over housemates pending return. He won't answer any replies until late afternoon.]

o18. [Voice/Action]

[Hisoka's not bothering to filter this message. It's 2 in the morning, he's just woken up next to a stranger in a house he's never been inside before, and it's fairly obvious that he's missing something. Hisoka hates missing things.]

Joshua. Seriously. This is the least funny prank you've pulled in a very long time. It's late and I'm tired and you are going to pay severely for this.

[And with that, Hisoka will detangle himself from the clingy man sleeping beside him and pick his way out of house 49 and work on settling back where he ought to be. If not for the use of the journal, this would have gone over in that mass log deal. Feel free to poke him, though he'd really rather just grump along on the way to bed.]

o17. [Voice]

This holiday never fails to impress me with its ridiculousness. I hope you realize you're all flirting with diabetes when you indulge a holiday designed around meaningless affection and chocolate.

[OOC: Forward-dated to when it's not Stupid O'Clock. First threads reserved for Link and Tsuzuki -- I forget the logistics of post order already, but y'all can figure it out I'm going to bed. XD Tags in the morning!]

o16. [Voice]

[Hisoka doesn't care about filters right now. He doesn't care about the new event or recent embarrassments. All of a sudden, he's fallen into a blind panic and needs to have a few reassurances issued.]

Tsuzuki. Draco. Rachel. Tell me where you are. [The "right now" is inferred.]


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