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Hisoka Kurosaki
18 October
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Hisoka is not the nicest teenager one is apt to meet. Though he is rarely openly impolite, his upbringing and abilities have led to his becoming somewhat cold at first glance. Associating direct physical contact with an unwelcome rush of someone else's emotion, he has always hated to be touched, and being taken and used as someone's sexual doll has not done much to alleviate this trait.

He tends to be quite straightforward, seeing little value in beating around the bush for the sake of sparing another's feelings. Things are the way they are, and if you're acting like a fool, he'll be certain to tell you so. Though he has been working towards better understanding normal human emotion, he still feels something of a disconnect from regular society after having been isolated for so long. People, in general, tend to be mysteriously overdramatic folk, guided primarily by irrational desires and self-destructiveness.

Speaking more practically, he also tends to be insanely cheap. Despite growing up in an affluent family and having his needs (sans freedom) constantly attended, Hisoka is fully aware of the value of a dollar. This means little in a land where currency is nonexistant, but it does mean his tastes run towards the spartan. He sees no purpose in decorating. In terms of social interactions, Hisoka prefers to not have them. Preferring the company of a good book to a good person, Hisoka feels that friendships are something to be earned.

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"Because I'm hated, I hate back. Because I wasn't loved, I stopped loving."